Spring Cleaning: Cleaning up more then just your home

With the change of seasons rapidly approaching the weather is beginning to get warmer and flowers are beginning to bloom. Its a time of growth and new beginnings and for many it’s that time of year for cleaning also known as spring cleaning.  For most people this means a deep cleaning of the home, changing out seasonal wardrobes and getting ready for the warmer months to come. However, your home is not the only thing that can benefit from a little spring cleaning.  Its easy to get off track in the cold winter months and lose sight of goals. Diets fall by the waist side and working out becomes a task that is not done as often as it should be. This is the perfect time to sit down and come up with a plan to clean up your home and get your life back on track.  Here are five things you can do today that will jumpstart you spring cleaning.

1.      Write down your goals: Write down what you want to accomplish this season and what you will need to do it. Take all the big goals and break them down into smaller short-term goals that will help you to achieve your main goal over time. By breaking them down to smaller goals it makes them easier to achieve and makes us less likely to get discouraged. It’s amazing how completing one goal no matter how small can give us such a sense of pride and accomplishments that it can motivate us to stay on track.

2.      Revisit your budget: Set a budget to live by and set goals to save or pay off bills. Setting small financial goals every week will help you work towards your big goal whether paying off the credit card or building up your savings in a realistic and attainable way.

3.      Revamp your fitness routines: Stop doing the same boring workout. Set a schedule and mix it up with new workouts. Try taking advantage of the time of year and getting outside to ride bikes, hike or go for a run. You may begin to look forward to working out, which means you will not put it off. The more active you are the healthier you will be.

4.      Change up your diet: Focus on healthier food and take advantage of the change in season and all the new fruits and vegetables that will now be available. Try meal prepping to avoid binge eating out of hunger or poor planning. The healthier your diet the better you will feel.

5.      De-clutter: Whether in your living space or in life. Clutter is distracting and gets in the way of the goals we set for ourselves. Get rid of things you don’t need like the stack of magazines you never read or that friend who is negative and toxic to be around.