Intensive Treatment Systems (ITS) is a CARF accredited, outpatient substance abuse treatment program providing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to patients who are affected by Opioid Use Disorder and/or Alcohol Use Disorder. The primary treatment objective of ITS is to help patients free themselves from the dysfunctional pattern of opioid and alcohol abuse through the use of medications such as Methadone, Vivitrol and Suboxone as well as counseling and case management services.

Ultimately through the use of medication, counseling, and case management services, it is our goal to guide patients toward a drug and alcohol free lifestyle with improved personal and vocational functioning. Medication services are provided and closely monitored by qualified medical staff, who emphasize safety and a comprehensive approach to the patient’s treatment. Counseling and case management services are provided by addictions professionals who utilize Motivational Interviewing and other evidenced based practices to ensure exceptional recovery-oriented and patient centered treatment.

ITS provides services through Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Arizona Complete Health Care, Banner University Family Care Plan, , Magellan Complete Care, Mercy Care, Stewart Health Choice, United Health Care, Wellcare/Care 1st Health Plan AZ, Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG), and self payment.

ITS is in process of developing a Cultural Competency Committee which will assist in identifying and implementing the most culturally competent services to our patients. The Cultural Competency Committee will provide outreach to the community and seek to provide the most culturally appropriate services. One step ITS has recently taken toward this goal, is in hiring a Community Outreach Director. ITS is also reaching out to other providers to partner in providing culturally competent services. ITS seeks to employ a diverse workforce and is open and accepting to all cultures.


The mission of the ITS opioid treatment program is to provide effective person centered, opioid treatment services, education, and advocacy in a supportive and culturally sensitive environment to enhance the quality of life for opiate dependent individuals and the community.

Services are designed and implemented based on personalized needs to support the recovery and/or stabilization of the patients, enhance their quality of life, reduce symptoms, restore and/or improve functioning, and support the integration of the patients into the community.