In the near future ITS will be adding an in-house psychiatrist to its services available for patients, in an effort to provide more comprehensive care. Having a psychiatrist in-house will allow for patients to have easier access to mental health treatment and will improve overall treatment efficiency. In addition, having an in-house psychiatrist will allow ITS to more effectively treat co-occurring issues that a large majority of patients experience. Currently, many patients fail to follow through with mental health referrals due to logistical challenges of getting to the psychiatrist. Having an in-house psychiatrist will reduce such barriers and will also provide ease of coordination of care between ITS and the psychiatric provider.

Adding an in-house psychiatrist is the first step ITS would like to take in moving toward offering fully integrated care. Patient retention and positive outcomes will be improved with the ability to provide psychiatric treatment along with the Opioid Treatment already offered. Initially the psychiatrist will be housed out of the ITS West Clinic, but services will be available to all ITS patients and transportation will be provided for those patients that need it.

ITS is excited about this expansion to its services! More information will be made available in the coming months.